My philosophy focuses on unconditional positive regard and positive psychology. I use group talk therapy, art as therapy and individual counseling and consultation to help you discover your latent potential and higher self.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help you rediscover a connection with yourself, your true essence and a renewed strength from within.


Dear Greg, You are an angel on earth! Thank you for sharing your gifts, passion and heart to better the lives of others and give hope and light!

Dear Greg, I will never have enough words to thank you! Ever. Thank you for being there, lifting me up, believing in me and caring so incredibly much. You were meant to do this! This time together and the entire experience is etched in my heart and soul forever. Thank you

-We will never forget this experience you created for us; and we will forever cherish our new bonds and friendships made possible because of you.

-Art as Therapy for Cancer Survivors was an incredible, moving, enlightening, and amazing journey. Yes, we did make tangible art - but, we made and shared so much more...

Together we grew as our own little Thursday night tribe as we met in the sleet, ice, and snow. We provided warmth for each other and a safe supportive nurturing place to share our fears, trials, joys, and anger. In addition we laughed (so much!), cried, and shared our stories encouraging and offering hope and insight to each other. Every night proved to unfold in a different, magical, and wonderful way.

Nothing was off limits, really - as long as we remained respectful and nonjudgemental toward each other. Whatever was weighing us down or whatever we felt like celebrating or discussing - well, we were always free to share...

We grew very close as a group, and I truly respect and cherish my bonds with each of these women. I will carry this beautiful (and often challenging) experience with me for life. We helped each other climb different obstacles and mountains in our lives.

I am NOT an artist; I am the one that truly did not know how to wash a paint brush. In the end, I found that this mattered little as we all our capable of finding our own unique ways to express feelings we need to release and validate.

During this class my night terrors decreased, and against all odds, my labs IMPROVED!! That happened even as the external stressors mounted. I am not sure what in the world I would have done without the support of these extraordinary women and this class. They were my rock (my family is very small and not local). They are my proof that one can never put a price tag on the power of loving human connections and expression.

I would highly recommend this class to anybody who wants to grow as their authentic self, express emotions through voice and art mediums, and meet and share with amazing survivors - forming bonds that they will also cherish for life. Greg is an amazing artist, compassionate counselor, leader, and he is always there - during both the good and bad times.

My only regret is that class had to end! It really was a very life-saving powerful experience for me, and I am forever grateful.
— -Art as Therapy group cancer survivors

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