The group talk therapy process is a powerful and overlooked modality. It is very effective in achieving the following:

-Reducing feelings of isolation and helps participants realize they’re not alone.
-Facilitates giving and receiving support.
-Helps individuals find and express their unique voice
-Strengthens relationships skills and ability to relate to yourself and others.
-Provides a social safety net.
-Group therapy is especially valuable for people dealing with depression, self esteem issues, childhood attachment issues, social anxiety and life transitions.


Men’s group

I am looking to start a men’s group talk therapy group of 5-8 individuals ages 21+ looking to find a stronger connection and depth to their lives and relationships. Development of communication skills as well as awareness and expression of emotion will be important areas for exploration. Many topics including exploring and expanding our definitions of masculinity will be ripe for discussion and discovery.

Mixed Process Group

I am excited to start a talk therapy group of diverse individuals. 5-8 adults of any age, demographic background, gender or gender identity. Anyone looking for growth, connection and support.


If interested contact Greg Fuqua at:, (515) 231-7178