Need for catharsis and expression is a key component to healing and immunological health

Need for catharsis and expression is a key component to healing and immunological health


This group will incorporate group talk therapy, directed meditation and visualization, psychoeducational components and art therapy projects. The art projects will include journaling, work in ceramics and many different 2D mediums both individual and collaborative projects are used.

This group will explore weekly themes and questions revolving around self-compassion, self-care, love, hope, self-awareness, sense of self-efficacy, body-image, stress, interpersonal relationships, control and acceptance, mindfulness, spirituality, death, dying and meaning-making.

The activities in the class use evidence-based practices. The group talk therapy process itself is very effective in achieving the following:

Reducing feelings of isolation and helps participants realize they’re not alone.
Facilitates giving and receiving support
Helps individuals find and express their unique voice
Strengthens relationships skills and ability to relate to yourself and others
Provides a social safety net
Group therapy is especially valuable for people dealing with depression, social anxiety and life transitions

Using art, therapists help clients accomplish goals like these:
exploring feelings, reconciling emotional conflicts, fostering awareness, self-awareness and mindfulness, managing behavior and addictions, developing social skills, reducing anxiety, increasing self-esteem, validation and catharsis, and finding connection.

We have group member advocates and mentors for the program. These people are available to answer your questions about the class from a participant's perspective. Let me know if I can put you in contact with one of our member mentors!


This class is 12 weeks, Mondays 6-9 pm.

May 20th- Aug 12th ( we skip 1 week, May 27th)

Venues: Kunzler studios/Des Moines Social Club, Des Moines Iowa

All participants are screened and interviewed.

There are 10 spots available per class session.

Cost: $150-200 (on your ability to pay, there are 2 scholarship spots available as well for those in financial hardship)

Contact Program Director and lead Facilitator, Greg Fuqua @, or (515) 231-7178, if you have questions or to set-up a meeting.